ThunderGodNick (nickgxz) wrote,

Just so people know, I guess

I AM leaving Kawasaki, my 3 and a half year stint to come to an end.


1) Gas. Oil prices don't seem to be going down and it seems as though I'm going to need to get comfy with 3+ dollars a gallon. Having to work at a location that is 14 or so miles away (28 mile round trip anyone?) is a pain in the ass, and the wallet.

2) Food. An odd point, I'm sure. But since I've been hanging wheels? My metabolism has skyrocketed, requireing me to feast like a hungry dog. My weight has maintained, but working at a Pawnshop = No more eating large amounts of food, no more requireing large amounts of water/power aid to keep myself going. Cost = down..

3) I. AM. TIRED of being around some of the lowest intellectual levels in my life. That, if anything, has really chipped at my sanity for the last 3 years.

4) My body. I will stop feeling like I'm the embodiment of pain. No more pain pills for me, wee!

Thats about the gist. :)
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