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Karin relaxes the mind

A little reporting for those interested:


Oh My GOD. Usual issues before con even started (even a few unexpected ones), like say the Dock situation (was NOT nice being the first staffer there. Not. At. ALL. But it was handled, so eh) Once 5:30pm hit, the crowd just POURED in. I'm not too clear on the final count for the convention quite yet.

But my first shift was in Bag Check...uh...whoa. We were not prepared. We were easily, EASILY overwhelmed. We required something like 5 people at bag check just so we could get it to run SMOOTH.

The rest of my shifts everywhere around Friday were rather uneventful (The LARP panel and doing the Board Gaming room were both nice). But knowing there was a mass of people just going from place to place...kinda had me on edge.

SATURDAY (yesterday/today/WTF?)


I get a wake up call from Dylan.

Dylan:"Hi, where are you?"
Me:" my house?"
Dylan:"PLEASE get here quickly."
Me:"Kk, let me shower first kthx."

I get there...things get sorted out.

...Then came the Ouran Host Meeting.

Oooh man. Wow. Line = LONG. LONG LOOOOOOONG. Like, next year it'll need to be 2 hours long.

After that, the Ramen eating contest. Also, a lot of people.

...ugh hungry. Need food....

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